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At Invincea we are determined to drive innovation that shifts the playing field to the good guys…

We believe that the security industry needs immediate and drastic change. Unfortunately, adversaries enjoy a substantial advantage over governments and corporations today. This is due largely to the fact that they continually innovate while our defenses have failed to keep pace.

Protecting organizations from their single largest risk: cyber breach

We are harnessing the power of our team to bring solutions to market that put the good guys back in a charge against these adversaries. Our Invincea Labs team focuses on DARPA funded R&D that drives our product road map. Our development and engineering teams are comprised of personnel with extensive experience in security and commercial applications. Our management team has an impressive background deriving from DARPA and within start-up and powerhouse security firms.

Every employee at Invincea eats, breathes and sleeps security…and our core vision is to create security without limits – to free users while protecting them from targeted and unknown threats.

National Security Heritage

Invincea understands the unique requirements of national security because we have been on the inside of government cyber security. Our Founder and CEO, Anup Ghosh, is a former DARPA program manager who evolved our breach prevention platform from a DARPA funded project. Our Labs team is comprised of recognized innovators with backgrounds in government and government contracting and hold top level security clearances. Many of our employees are retired military, have served in national security roles and all have a desire to help combat Nation State threats.

Private Sector Innovation

Invincea is a company comprised of innovators. Our team has been involved with a number of successful security start-ups that have dramatically changed the security landscape. We are made up of alumni from RipTech, ArcSight, Symantec, Cigital, Arbor Networks, BAE Systems, NetWitness and RSA. We have also worked for some of the largest companies in the world including IBM and AOL. We understand how to drive innovation from the private sector that supports the industry as a whole.