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Central Management, Reporting and Threat Intelligence…

Invincea FreeSpace™ is a solution that is easy to deploy, use and manage. The Invincea Management Server gives you the capabilities you need to centrally manage diverse groups of users, rapidly push updates and provide detailed reporting on your deployments. Availability of the Invincea Management Server is based on the package that best meets the needs for your firm – check our “Get Protected” page or the “Small Business” and “Enterprise Edition” package pages for more details.

To gather the rich pre-breach forensic intelligence your teams need related to thwarted attacks, the Invincea Management Server includes a threat data component (FreeSpace™ for Enterprise only). Whenever an attack occurs inside the secure virtual containers created by FreeSpace™, we capture detailed forensic information and feed it to the Invincea Management Server:



Central Management:

  • View, edit and modify core client configurations
    • Full audit trail of all changes
    • Backup and restoration capabilities
  • Manage groups of systems with different configurations
    • Set software and configuration file versions on a group basis
    • Publish software and configuration updates on a group basis
    • Move hosts between groups
  • Flexible client software updates
    • Immediate, on restart, etc.
  • Dashboard and reporting

Watch a quick overview video on Invincea Management Server:



Actionable Intelligence from Every Thwarted Attack

  • Gather intelligence on your adversary without the breach
  • Infection source (url, attachment, etc.)
  • Timeline of attack
  • Registry changes
  • Processes launched
  • Inbound and outbound connections




Optional Integrations

  • Configured to receive real-time threat data from every protected machine
  • Custom integrations to meet your specific infrastructure requirements through Professional Services
  • Successfully integrated with leading technologies such as:
    • McAfee ePO
    • ArcSight
    • Splunk
    • QRadar
    • NetWitness
    • ThreatGrid
    • ISIGHT Partners

Take a look at how Threat Analysis is done in Invincea Management Server: