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The Invincea Platform delivers an integrated approach to secure organizations of all sizes against user-targeted threats, including spear-phishing, watering hole attacks, drive-by downloads, ransomware, and more. Invincea provides mission-critical user protection, enterprise scalable deployment and management, and real-time threat intelligence.

Invincea’s award-winning products integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure – endpoint hardware and software, desktop management tools, security operations, incident response procedures – without impacting end-user experience and productivity.

Invincea has taken a different approach to malware prevention based on over eight years of advanced malware research, protecting nearly 15,000 organizations in 112 countries, and single deployments as large as 70,000 endpoints. It is not a single technology that is able to provide this capability, but rather an innovative approach composed of multiple techniques operating in tandem to address the problem domain.



Invincea creates a secure virtual container, local to the desktop to wall off and seamlessly run the most highly targeted applications - web browsers, PDF reader, Office suite. 



A proprietary, behavioral based malware detection engine monitors the secure virtual container to spot any malicious behavior the moment it occurs. No signatures are required and our techniques have been proven to spot even zero-days in the wild.

Breach Prevention


The moment malicious activity is detected, Invincea stops that activity dead in its tracks. The exploit is captured within our secure virtual container and is prevented from doing harm to the targeted machine and network.



Rich forensic intelligence is captured - in real-time - on all thwarted attacks within the secure virtual container. This information is fed to the Invincea Management Server and then on to a wide variety of other network security controls as desired. We shed light on campaigns launched against your organization as they occur and extend the effectiveness and life of the rest of the defense-in-depth infrastructure.