Invincea Advanced Endpoint Protection

Invincea® Advanced Endpoint Protection is the only endpoint security solution to contain, identify and control the advanced threats enterprises face every day.

Protecting more than 2 million users, Invincea’s patented technology secures the enterprise’s largest attack surface – end user systems – from spear-phishing, drive-by downloads, Java and Flash exploits, watering hole attacks, ransomware, and many other online attacks.

This security is provided by a single lightweight agent that defends against known and unknown threats, helps you consolidate technologies, and reduces the total cost of endpoint security.

Invincea Advanced Endpoint Protection Solution

Unlike solutions that rely on signatures, use whitelists, or simply collect volumes of data, Invincea Advanced Endpoint Protection provides reliable prevention and accurate identification. It does this by isolating attacks in a secure container, identifying existing compromises with cloud-based analytics, and limiting adversarial movement with enterprise-wide controls. Invincea provides comprehensive security at the endpoint to help you shift from reaction and response to proactive containment and visibility.

Contain Identify Control - Invincea

Conventional approaches to Prevention, Detection and Response have failed.  Invincea Advanced Endpoint Protection enables forward-looking security teams to re-gain the upper ground with next-generation Contain, Identify and Control capabilities.