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Transparent, Accountable, & Now Officially Certified

Aug 2, 2016

official-av-logo-2016We’re very excited to announce that X by Invincea has been awarded the AV-TEST CERTIFIED seal of approval, making X officially certified for anti-virus compliance regulations. If you are looking to swap out your long-in-the-tooth anti-virus engine with a next generation endpoint protection platform, compliance is no longer your barrier. This certification is a result of our participation in the July 2016 AV-TEST public test, and marks a significant achievement for our flagship product. Invincea was the only “next-gen AV” vendor who elected to participate in the testing, or any other AV-TEST public test this year, for that matter.  Why don’t more next generation anti-virus solution vendors participate in 3rd party tests? This is a question you should ask them yourself.

We chose to participate because we believe that transparency and accountability are sorely lacking in the next generation endpoint security space that is rife with vendors claiming Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their marketing. Buyers of products are demanding 3rd party validation of product claims, and are right to do so given the hyperbole around artificial intelligence.

Participating in testing such as the recent AV-TEST public test is part of our 3 key principles to security market transparency we have previously outlined.  The three principles are 1) participate in independent 3rd party testing, 2) work towards commonly accepted standards, and 3) avoid being a black box. Being transparent, accountable, and part of the community is something all vendors should strive for, and we’re happy to be leading the way among the “next-gen” anti-virus companies.

“Invincea is the only next-gen vendor tested in 2016, and has achieved a perfect score in performance.  We are pleased that they have earned the AV-TEST Certified Seal of Approval.”

-Maik Morgenstern, CTO, AV-TEST

X by Invincea scored a perfect score (6 out of 6) for performance in the test. In fact, according to AV-TEST CTO Maik Morgenstern, “Invincea had one of the best performance scores we have ever seen in our tests to date. And, for protection, Invincea blocked 100% of attacks from 64 malicious websites. No other signature-less endpoint protection product provided 100% detection and blocking for this category in previous tests.”

Overall X scored a 14.5 on the public test, better than half of the traditional AVs.  We are striving to be ranked #1 in our next test but are thrilled that a product that we launched 60 days ago tests better than products launched decades ago.

We will continue to make strides to ensure that in just a short period of time the public test results will confirm what our own testing (and feedback from users ) is telling us – that we’re blowing away the competition in terms of detection rates, false positive rates, and performance.  We’ll continue to publicly test again in the future and in other third party testing in addition to AV-TEST – this is just the beginning. We recognize AV-TEST was designed to test traditional AV products, and expect they and other test firms will begin to craft tests specific to next gen endpoint security products.

At Invincea we will continue our trajectory of hyper-innovation. Additionally, we will also continue to participate in industry organizations, such as the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO), to work towards developing commonly accepted standards and test procedures among all stakeholders. This could not be more important, as a whole new generation of endpoint security solutions are coming to market without commonly accepted standards for testing their capabilities.

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