Next-Generation Antivirus
for Financial Organizations

Financial organizations are continuously on the front lines of cyberattacks. Financial data is valuable to cybercriminals, and they are motivated to find new ways to access it through ransomware and other malware variants. Cybercriminals are usually a step ahead, making it difficult for traditional signature-based antivirus solutions to adapt. Created by the data scientists at Invincea Labs, X by Invincea leverages deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning, as part of the industry’s most advanced next-generation antivirus solution. This gives X by Invincea the ability to detect and stop malware – even previously unknown variants – without relying on signatures.

X by Invincea has received top performance ratings by multiple third party testing institutions, and highest scores possible in attack detection and prevention effectiveness criteria – The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security, Q4 2016*. Financial services companies that have deployed X by Invincea have experienced the same industry leading results.

“X by Invincea keeps ransomware from infecting our network.”

– Jeremy Clough, VP Information Security Officer

Add Defense-in-Depth Without Headaches

With X by Invincea, you will be protected by multiple layers of advanced techniques for a greater defense-in-depth strategy on top of your current traditional antivirus deployment (or replace it completely). The combination of techniques, unique to Invincea, are all included in a single lightweight agent – giving you the peace of mind of added security without burdening your endpoints or your users. Updates are infrequent, and the product works even if the endpoint is offline for days or weeks. Deployments are fast and pain-free, so you can be up and running in a short amount of time.

“A significant malware event got past my other defenses, but Invincea caught it. I believe it saved us more than a million dollars for just that one attack.”

– Christopher Walsh, FVP and Information Security Officer, Bank Leumi

X by Invincea keeps financial services organizations safe by protecting endpoints from known and unknown threats at the point of attack. X by Invincea is certified as an antivirus tool and provides comprehensive next-generation endpoint protection. With increasingly stringent industry and government regulations, including PCI, SOX, MAS-TRM and the EU GDPR, financial enterprises utilize X by Invincea as a force-multiplier for compliance and endpoint protection.

“I don’t know how any corporation, large or small, can live without a product like X.”

– Ellis Cohen, CISO & CTO of a Prominent Hedge Fund

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