Next-Generation Antivirus
for Government Organizations

Invincea’s innovation is fueled by our relationship with DARPA — the US government agency working on breakthrough technologies for national security. In support of DARPA, Invincea develops technology based on the broadest and deepest understanding of the risks facing our nation.

We encapsulate this innovation into our products, such as X by Invincea, enabling you to more effectively protect against not just today’s threats, but tomorrow’s as well. Created by data scientists, X by Invincea leverages deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning, as part of the industry’s most advanced next-generation antivirus solution. This gives X by Invincea the ability to detect and stop malware – even previously unknown variants – without relying on signatures. X by Invincea has received top performance ratings by multiple third party testing institutions, and highest scores possible in attack detection and prevention effectiveness criteria – The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security, Q4 2016*. Government organizations that have deployed X by Invincea have experienced the same industry leading results.

“Our people have to accomplish mission-critical tasks every day, and performance and usability are extremely important. Invincea really excels in this area, while protecting our workforce and our endpoints.”

– Former CERT Director

Invincea is a Proven Government Partner

  • DARPA-driven innovation
  • Supports dozens of agencies and hundreds of thousands of US Federal workers
  • Supports Windows 10 Federal environments
  • Invincea is part of the GSA Schedule

Add defense-in-depth without headaches

With X by Invincea, you will be protected by multiple layers of advanced techniques for a greater defense-in-depth strategy on top of your current traditional antivirus deployment. The combination of techniques, unique to Invincea, are all included in a single lightweight agent – giving you the peace of mind of added security without burdening your endpoints or your users. Updates are infrequent, and the product works even if the endpoint is offline for days or weeks. Deployments are fast and pain-free, so you can be up and running in a short amount of time. Invincea supports dozens of agencies and hundreds of thousands of US Federal workers.

“Invincea had one of the best performance scores we have ever seen in our tests.”

– Maik Morgenstern, CTO, AV-Test

Test Drive X by Invincea

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Learn how the #1 Performing Next-Generation Antivirus:

  • Prevents known and unknown malware without signatures
  • Stops weaponized Office documents and other file-less attacks
  • Eliminates Spear Phishing
  • Offers deep endpoint forensics

“Invincea offers ransomware protection with very little overhead on the endpoint. Unlike other endpoint solutions, it doesn’t slow things down. The product implementation was easy and it needs very little support by our IT staff.”

– Jeremy Clough, VP Information Security Officer


Leverage the power of X by Invincea and the Invincea threat intelligence team to uncover the malware and other threats that your current endpoint tools are missing.