Next-Generation Antivirus
for Healthcare Organizations

In recent years, cyberattacks on healthcare organizations have escalated to epidemic levels. Ransom payments, increasing value of protected health information on the black market as well as the growth in malware variants available to new threat actors, continue to fuel the assault. Cybercriminals are usually a step ahead because when their malware shows-up in public repositories it is an indicator that their malicious code has been identified and prompts them to take the necessary steps to obfuscate it from traditional signature and heuristics-based antivirus solutions.

The Best Detection Delivers the Best Protection Against Cyberattacks on Healthcare Organizations

The lack of efficacy, antiquated approach of signature-based antivirus solutions and the necessity for a better model fueled the innovation of Invincea. X by Invincea was created by the data scientists at Invincea Labs, utilizing deep learning and behavioral monitoring to detect and stop malicious files before they can do harm. The result has been nothing short of the industry’s best detection and prevention rate which means your healthcare IT ecosystem is protected with X.

“Invincea is the only next-gen vendor tested in 2016, and has achieved a perfect score in performance.  We are pleased that they have earned the AV-TEST Certified Seal of Approval.”

– Maik Morgernstern, CTO, AV-Test

Safeguard PHI from Advanced Persistent Threats and Eliminating Ransomware

PHI is considered by cybercriminals as the crown jewels because it has yielded some of the largest ransom payments, is sold on the black market for five to ten times the value of a credit card numbers and can spawn multiple fraudulent transactions. Persistent attacks and increasing regulations are forcing healthcare providers to rethink their cyber defenses and adopt next generation antivirus software to thwart attacks.

X by Invincea combines deep learning with behavioral monitoring to prevent threats that get past other antivirus solutions and traditional endpoint protection to safeguard PHI. This results in known and unknown malware, including ransomware, being stopped because X identifies the threat in milliseconds and stops them before they can execute.

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